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Is your child’s behavior causing you frustration and heartache? Do you worry they may not be making good decisions?  Or you know they are struggling and aren’t sure how to best support them?  Have you been fired as a mom or dad and you want to be rehired?

My online course will show you how making simple but powerful shifts in your parenting style delivers the “do-over” with your child you’re longing for!

Hi, Moms, Dads, and everyone bringing up children:

You’d think it would come more naturally, wouldn’t you – this work of being a parent?

After all, the human race has been raising its young for millennia. Surely it should be second nature by now!

But you and I know it isn’t.

If nothing else, we remember how our own parents fell short and let us down, or even failed us altogether. We all carry some scars from childhood – literal or otherwise, some more serious than others – and we’re determined to do better by our children.

But no matter how fervent a vow we make to that precious little one we’re cradling in our arms that we’ll get it right… no matter how much we truly want to give them a 110% positive, supportive, loving upbringing… at some point, we face a moment where we wonder:

“Wait a minute! Where did this go off the rails?!”

Maybe it’s when your child is throwing a temper tantrum instead of doing chores or finishing homework or practising the instrument or going to bed.

Maybe it’s when you’ve been called to the school yet again because your child has gotten in trouble with their teacher.

Or perhaps it’s when you realize your child is at the other extreme: too quiet, too withdrawn, and all your efforts to cajole them into connecting with family and friends are going nowhere.

Whatever the specifics, it’s the moment you know:

This isn’t the childhood you wanted your child to have.

Frankly, it’s not what you wanted to go through as a parent, either.

You’re tired of shouting matches and slammed doors… angry backtalk and wounded feelings… vacant stares, stony silences…

Most of all, you’re worried things will never get better… that your relationship with your child will forever be defined by what pioneering psychologist Dr. Thomas Gordon called “the three Rs” – retaliation, rebellion, and resistance.

But you and your child are not condemned to this ongoing struggle.

You can start building a healthier and happier relationship with your child right now by making some key shifts in how you parent.

And in my online course, The Guidance Approach to Parenting, I’ll show you how.

Good parenting doesn’t always come naturally – but, we parents can always become more conscious of our children, and more practised in ways to engage them and strengthen our relationships with them.

Who I Am and Why I Can Help You “Reset” Your Troubled Relationship With Your Child

My name is Katherine Winter-Sellery. For more than two decades I’ve been equipping and empowering parents like you with a new approach that moves parents and children from conflicted relationships to nurturing ones.

And, as the mother of two children, I’ve taken this journey myself.

When I first became a mother, I knew I wanted to instill a strong sense of self in my son so he would grow to become a beautiful human being.

But I realized I’d have to first unlearn a lot of what my own mother unintentionally taught me about being a parent.

Through no fault of her own, she’d raised me in some less than healthy ways, and had passed on many harmful habits.

She hadn’t been conscious enough of her daughter – of me – as a person. She hadn’t acknowledged enough my unique perspective, my emotional needs, my truths. She hadn’t listened enough to make me feel confident she heard and valued me.

To avoid repeating my mother’s “unconscious” parenting, I began studying Parent Effectiveness Training (P.E.T.), Dr. Thomas Gordon’s groundbreaking and world-renowned model for peaceful, respectful parenting. In time, I became a certified P.E.T. instructor.

I also earned certifications in Leadership Effectiveness Training and Emotional Freedom Technique. I studied with Dr. Marshall Rosenberg, the influential, award-winning psychologist who created The Center for Non-Violent Communication, and trained with Dr. Ann Weiser Cornell, protege of acclaimed psychologist-philosopher Dr. Eugene Gendlin’s pioneering Inner Relationship dialogue work.


In all my study and work, I wasn’t trying to be a perfect parent. I wanted to be a conscious one.

I wanted to be a parent who actively listened to her children… who genuinely communicated and connected with them… who did all I could do to foster their holistic development and growth.

Because I learned how to respect and relate to my children as individuals, we’ve enjoyed relationships remarkably free of those “three Rs” I mentioned earlier.

Sure, we’ve had some difficulties and drama, as all families do.

But because I learned how to acknowledge my children as people – not “people-in-training” but real people now, with their own feelings and needs – our communication has stayed open and our connections have remained strong.

A few years ago, during an especially hard time, my daughter and I were able to have the most honest, healing conversation we’d ever had.

I realized if I’d had that conversation with my mother when I was my daughter’s age, it would have changed my entire life for the better.

Can you relate?


My mission is making sure as many parents as possible know how to give that gift of deep connection and communication to their child.

I’ve trained thousands of parents (as well as educators, social workers, and medical professionals) in my caring, conflict-reducing approach to communicating with children.

I’ve even shared my method’s principles in three TEDx talks, seen by hundreds of people on YouTube.

And in my online course, I’ll share my Guidance Approach to Parenting with you, so you can “reset” your relationship with your child, forging a warm and mutually enriching connection with them that will last.

All Parents Have Power… How Are You Using Yours?

Conscious parenting begins with realizing the power imbalance in your relationship with your child. As the parent, you have the most power – that’s as it should be.

But how will you use that power?

To force your child to conform to strict behavioral standards? To mold them into the person you want them to be, regardless of how they feel about it or see themselves?

Or will you use your power to nurture a child who sensitively and skillfully responds to other people and the world… who isn’t afraid to speak their truths, share their story, spread their one-of-a-kind light?

Will you spark your child’s spirit, or will you suppress it?

The greatest gifts you can give your child are space to discover who they are as they grow, and your own authentic acknowledgement of who they find themselves to be.

By the end of my online Guidance Approach to Parenting course, you’ll know exactly how to:

  • Reject the crushing child-rearing route of compliance and consequences in favor of supportive communication techniques that open dialogue and strengthen your relationship with your child.
  • Teach your child to act thoughtfully, leaving less room for misunderstandings that strain their relationship with you (as well as their peers and other adults in their world).
  • Honor and meet your child’s need to control themselves, while recognizing their developmentally appropriate limitations so you can guide their growth in appropriate ways.

We’re not talking about “indulging” your child so they can do whatever they want, whenever they want.

And we’re not talking about being so “permissive” your child feels anything they do is right simply because they do it.

We’re talking about actively engaging with your child at a deeper level so they feel safe and confident enough to embrace and reveal their true self… so they can take their place in life with energy and joy, thanks to your constant, caring support and guidance.

Introducing The Guidance Approach to Parenting – All You Need To Build a Better Relationship With Your Child

My online Guidance Approach to Parenting course is a 12-week interactive experience that equips you with knowledge and skills you need to reconnect with your child in a meaningful way, reenergizing your relationship with them.

Based on sound psychological insights, proven best interpersonal communication practices, and my own decades of training and experience, my course’s 6 modules (each 2 weeks in length) will firmly ground you in all the “whys,” “whats,” and “how to’s” of conscious parenting.


Course Breakdown

Module 1 – Choice of Beliefs

Too many parents labor under the idea that rewarding children’s “good” behavior and punishing their “bad” is an essential part of the job description. In this module, here’s some of what you’ll discover:

  • How culture’s most common assumptions about children set families up for disappointment, anger, and broken relationships – and how to root these ideas out of your own thinking so you can avoid the trap.
  • The urgent messages conscious parents “hear” in their children’s disruptive behaviors, and nurturing ways to respond.
  • Simple ways to clarify your values so you can choose parenting methods that reflect and reinforce them.
  • What to do next if you’re feeling guilty about how you’ve been parenting so far.
  • How to identify resources and supports already available to you as you begin transforming your relationship with your child.

Module 2 – Motivation Without Rewards

Praising your child must be a hallmark of positive parenting, right? Well, the reality is more complicated… and also makes a far more powerful impact on your child’s healthy development. Here’s some of what you’ll find in this module:

  • The surprising reasons parents’ praise can actually contribute to children’s low self-esteem.
  • 20 reasons rewards and punishments ultimately defeat parents’ best efforts to raise thoughtful, skillful children.
  • Practical help in mastering a new way of motivating your children and of celebrating their achievements.

Module 3 – Listening to Children

Even if your relationship isn’t currently what you’d like it to be, your child is giving you more chances to engage and connect than you may realize. This module will help you identify and make the most of these opportunities. How? Here are just a few ways:

  • Very few of our feelings are “pure emotion” – find out how appreciating their true nature can help you draw closer to your child.
  • 10 ways you can more accurately interpret your own emotions, enabling you to help your children cultivate a richer and healthier emotional life.
  • Specific examples of how you can bolster your child’s sense of value by attending to and acknowledging their feelings.
  • The 12 most common communication roadblocks – and how you can steer clear of them when listening to and talking with your child.
  • A proven, step-by-step method for challenging and changing the feelings that keep you from being a more effective parent.

Module 4 – Meeting Needs

“Why do they do that?!” There’s probably not a parent alive who hasn’t asked that question about their children. Answering that question correctly is key to the health of your relationship with your child, and this module will help you do so. Here’s just some of what you’ll find out:

  • How all behavior is an attempt to meet needs, and how this truth can transform your response to conflicts with your child.
  • A reliable guide for selecting the most helpful response to your child’s anger in any given situation.
  • 5 concrete steps you can take to move forward when you and your child are in conflict over values.

Module 5 – Resolving Conflict

In this module, you’ll get a thorough introduction to conscious, constructive methods of conflict resolution – what they are and why they work. Here’s a sample of what you’ll discover:

  • Why punishments in any form, even the supposedly more benevolent “time out,” prove so devastating to children, and what to do instead.
  • How honoring your own and your child’s 10 fundamental personal rights dramatically improves the quality of your relationship.
  • The difference between being assertive and being aggressive – it’s a distinction too few parents understand, but focusing on it can unlock a richer relationship with your child.
  • 100 positive “I-statements” to use to talk with your child in honest, supportive, and validating ways.
  • How to empower your children by working with them to solve your relationship’s problems.

Module 6 – Applying Solutions

Congratulations! All the knowledge and skills you’ve gained so far through my Guidance Approach to Parenting now come together into a parenting approach that puts you and your child in a position to enjoy a more positive and rewarding relationship for years to come. In this final module, you’ll find out:

  • How to challenge the assumptions keeping you and your child from moving toward a healthier relationship.
  • 3 moves you can make to get away from “hopeless language” so you can communicate your real desire for change to your child.
  • Why you need a “map” of your child’s behavior, and how to make one that reveals you and your child’s way forward.
  • Questions you can use with your child to help them “rewrite their story” and see themselves as a capable and valuable individual.
  • How to break the behavioral patterns that have created problems for you and your child in the past.

Look At Everything You Get When You Enroll in Guidance Approach to Parenting As a Course Member:

  • 12-video Masterclass in Conscious Parenting’s principles and practices

Starting June 29th, you’ll get a direct link to the newest video. I’ll explain, in easy-to-understand detail, the techniques and tools you can start using right away to reestablish healthier communication with and a stronger connection to your child.

  • Access to our members-only Guidance Approach to Parenting Facebook group gives you an instant, supportive community

We parents all have great wisdom to offer each other, so you’ll be glad to interact with fellow course members in our private Facebook group. You’ll build meaningful online friendships as you share your challenges and celebrate your victories. You’ll also discover additional resources to support and speed your growth as a conscious parent.

  • Weekly live group coaching calls to customize the course for your situation

Every Thursday, you’ll be invited to attend a real-time, interactive coaching call on Zoom with me and a small group of your fellow course members. I’ll be offering these calls at 3 different times to make them fit your busy schedule. You can come to any or all of them each week to get my personal attention to your most pressing questions, and my targeted advice on the next steps you can take toward becoming a more conscious parent.

  • Downloadable course guide to reinforce your understanding and speed up your progress

Answering the questions and completing the activities in the course guide will help all you’re discovering in the course sink in and “stick.” Following the suggestions for practical, concrete applications you find in the guide will help you see results with your child sooner.

  • Your dedicated weekly check-in partner who can provide support and encouragement

No one who becomes a strong and healthy parent all by themselves. When you enroll, I’ll introduce you via email to another course member who’ll be your weekly check-in “buddy.” By listening to, supporting, and encouraging each other, you will keep each other on the path to becoming more effective parents.


You’ll Also Get These Extra Resources To Help You Experience Even More Success as a Conscious Parent

To give you even more information and action steps to take that can improve your communication with your child, I’ve arranged for you to get 3 live bonus group trainings with experts I know who can help you dive deeper into some specific issues all Conscious Parents must face:

  • Bonus Live Training # 1 – The Dynamics of Triggering

You’ll discover how to reduce your risk of “setting off” your child’s challenging behaviors, and how to promote their sense of stability and calm.

  • Bonus Live Training # 2 – Meditation Basics

When you face stress as a parent (and all parents do), use these proven and productive techniques to relax and refocus.

  • Bonus Live Training # 3 – The Importance of Nutrition

Parenting is challenging enough – don’t make it more complicated by letting an unhealthy diet disrupt you or your child’s physical and mental well-being.

So How Much Does The Guidance Approach to Parenting Cost?

Not much at all compared with the cost of professional family therapy…
It’s the most reasonable investment you can make
in your child’s mental and emotional wellness.

As I’m certain you can see, I’m not simply throwing a lot of theory at you and hoping you can figure out how to apply it all on your own.

The resources and opportunities in The Guidance Approach to Parenting give you the tools you need to chart your course to a stronger relationship with your child.

From the 12-week video Mastermind course and its information-rich, practical guide book… to the weekly live group coaching calls, during which you’ll get my customized instruction and direction… to the warm and supportive online community in the private Facebook group and the weekly encouragement from your check-in “buddy”…

At every turn, my course gives you the most direct way possible to become the kind of parent whose child knows, in their marrow, that they are supported, heard, and loved… the kind of parent you’ve always wanted to be.

Regularly, I offer The Guidance Approach to Parenting for $1,997. The video training and the weekly Zoom coaching calls alone make the course easily worth at least that much.

But because families are facing especially difficult times right now, and because I’ve seen Conscious Parenting make such a positive difference in so many people’s lives, for a limited time you can enroll for a single investment of only $497. 

And because I’m so confident you’ll find so many practical and powerful ways to communicate and connect with your child through my course, I guarantee:

If, within 30 days of your order, you’re not completely satisfied with the program, simply request a refund, and I’ll give you all your money back.

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Become a Conscious Parent and Make Remarkable Change Happen

Your relationship with your child is too important to ignore.

No matter how conflicted it may be right now… no matter how fragile it may feel or how much disappointment and pain you and your child may be feeling… you have it in your power to change things for the better.

When you approach parenting consciously… deliberately… focused on your child’s well-being… you not only forge or re-forge a powerfully positive connection to your child but also free your child to be the unique individual they are meant to be.

You’re not just enriching your family’s life. You’re enriching the world’s, by raising a skillful, capable, irreplaceable human being.


Nathan SoliaElite Personal Trainer

Prior to attending Katherine’s class I had a good relationship with my kids. After attending class I have a GREAT relationship! I learnt how to calm my children when they are raging, how to make them want my advice, how to get them to solve problems for themselves. Of course, it’s not all upside – my wife can barely conceal her envy of the relationship I have with my boys now! Fortunately the skills Katherine armed me with are equally applicable to understanding and communicating with my wife!

Cindy Miller StephensInternational Author

I tried every technique and trick there was and I felt that none of them worked consistently and not one brought any changes or relief to me or to my children. In desperation and with little hope, I registered for my first class with Katherine Winter-Sellery and it changed my life, my relationship with my children, my family and most importantly – myself. This may be the most profound journey you will ever take. Katherine is a brilliant orator, an empath, a motivator, a friend, a mentor and an inspiration.

John Buck

It’s hard not to use superlatives when describing both Katherine and her course. From the first gentle insight, to her room filling laugh, and all the way through to her compassion and knowing, Katherine opens your mind and heart to possibility. She fills her classes with love, encouragement and sincerity, and makes it possible to make sense of what seems endlessly frustrating.


This course opened my eyes to seeing the world through my children’s eyes. I feel that the course has empowered me in many ways – to stop and decide how to react to my children, to help them learn how to cope with difficult situations and to deepen my understanding of their feelings. I hope that these small but vital changes in parenting style will allow us to grow closer as parent and child but also allow my sons to develop as confident young boys, with a healthy dose of self-esteem. Katherine is an inspirational and knowledgeable teacher and I really loved listening to her each week.

Cindy Miller Stephens

I have taken every course Katherine has ever offered that I could attend. There is always room to connect, to share, to grow but that first step on the road is the hardest and the most profound. I am deeply grateful for my time with Katherine, all that I learned and all that I was able to change in my life with her teaching, her support and her love – which is limitless. Taking Katherine’s course is a gift I gave myself and one that gives back every single day of my life. With grateful heart.


To whom ever is thinking about taking this Conscious and Effective Parenting course with Katherine - it will change the way you think about your children and your relationship with them. I look at this course as a gift to anyone who takes it. It is liberating, challenging and rewarding. Katherine is an inspirational teacher who I loved being in class with. She is wonderful at teaching the material and provokes fantastic conversation within class and you always leave uplifted and inspired.


The first time I took the course was when my daughter was 8 months old. I only knew about rewards and punishments – that was what I was exposed to and what all parents around me used. The effective parenting course led by Katherine opened me to a new world. Specifically, “children are people too” drives home the power of trust, support and respect in the mutual relationship. Katherine’s lively style made the course fun and invigorating.


I felt so fortunate that I got to learn the guidance approach when my child is still young! I found Katherine’s class enlightening as the “results” of this approach are absolutely along the lines of my parenting philosophy. I want my child to have high self-esteem, self control and be compassionate. The respectful approach it takes helps to make the communication more effective, and also allows for a nurturing environment.

PS #1. It’s worth noting: The skills you’ll learn in my online course can help you reset your relationship with your children as well as ANY important relationship – with your spouse, your partner, other family members… anyone you want to connect with, in a meaningful and authentic way.

PS #2. You must act quickly to take advantage of this enrollment discounted rate of $497, because the course begins on Monday, June 29th, and I can’t guarantee I’ll be able to offer this valuable course at such steep savings in the future. Take action now and make this modest investment in a more positive relationship with your child – Enroll in The Guidance Approach to Parenting today.