7 Strategies to Keep Your Relationship With Your Kids From Hitting The Boiling Point is my latest eBook and I’m delighted to make it available for FREE download. The Conscious Parenting Revolution approach has worked for thousands of parents and it’s going to work for you too!

If you are reaching for my eBook, chances are you and your kids are probably dealing with these issues:

  • You’re struggling with keeping your calm
  • They seem to be on a non-stop ride to crazy town
  • You endure daily sassy backchat, tears, and tantrums
  • You want to parent without feeling you’re unprepared when the proverbial hits the fan
  • Conflict is a continuous issue when you speak to your children
  • The daily juggle of being a parent, teacher, and entertainer leaves you strung out and stressed
  • You heave a sigh of relief when your kids go to bed…usually three hours later than planned
  • You want to bring some order without implementing Sergeant-Major-style discipline

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